500cc GP bikes

We think our 500cc GP replicas are the best money can buy... we dont use other bikes frames to build ours. We manufacture each frame by hand to reseamble as close as possible the 500cc GP bike the customer wants . Our rear-sets are perfect copies of the original 500cc parts. Our bodywork is made from molds made from ORIGINAL 500cc bodywork. We have invested many thousands of dollars locating and buying original 500cc bodywork and parts so as to make your GP replica as close to the original as possible.

Whether you want a YZR500 or NSR500 Gp bike, we are the people to talk to!! Whether you want just a frame , a frame kit or a complete bike , Costin products are the best available. We build YZR500 replicas from 1988 to 2002 and NSR500 replicas from 1990 to 2000. Our passion has always been 500cc GP bikes. . Our frames are as close as possible to the original frames with the only limitation being the engine..

Listed below are some of the bikes we have built. Click on each bike to see more pics and component lists of each bike..

Click here to view our 3 different YZR500 frames.... also have a look at our rear-sets, bodywork, exhausts and custom electrical system... The NSR500 frame will be listed here shortly!!

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Updated 6 Oct 2011