Micoproducts 'Black Box' modular electrical system
* This electrical system has been designed to replace the original RZ500 wiring harness. Note - this is a race only system.

**The system uses aerospace quick release connectors which allow for quick and easy replacement of electrical components.


This system uses the following original RZ500 components

Power valve motor
Power valve controller
Ignition coils


*The black box has connection ports for the above components as well as outlets for a YZR500 style ignition switch, electrical instruments and a battery.


*The kit comprises of the following;

-Black box electrical system
-Mounting tray (for use on Micoproducts frames only)
-YZR500 style ignition switch
-6 connectors & pins
-Battery connectors & leads
-2 x inline fuses
-4 x RZ500 coil connectors
-Wiring diagram & instructions


Please note :- It is the customers responsibility to remove the old connectors off their original electrical components and replace them with the connectors supplied by Micoproducts. Customers must also add or remove excess wiring from their components depending on there placement on the bike!