1988 - 1992 YZR500 frame

This frame has been designed specifically for the Yamaha RZ500 engine.

It is aimed at turning your bulky Yamaha RZ500 into a replica of a 1988 - 1992 YZR500.

The geometry of a completed bike reads just like an original YZR500.

Wheelbase - 1400mm

Head angle - 24 degrees

The frames have been designed to accept most swingarms including R6, TZ or TZR(3XV).

## Note - for your replica to look as close as possible to a 88-92 bike, we recommend using a MiCo Products widened TZ250 swingarm!

A very wide range of forks can been used. These include R1, RGV, K636 and of course Ohlins R&T....

The base price of a 1988 - 1992 style frame is AUS$4500. A full race version is also offered which includes an adjustable headstock. It also has holes in the top of the frame rails near the headstock to allow for change of the front end. The race frame retails for AUS$5500.

This frame represents the last version of a YZR500 style frame we will build for the RZ500 engine. If you need something different then please contact us with your requirements

We are also currently making a frame to replicate a late model NSR500. We have obtained a full set of these fairings and at this stage a completed bike will most definately follow!!